MoneyBloke Business Health Check - Sales, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities

Business Health Check with Consultation

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Why should you do a health check on your business?

If you're busy, that's good. You should still stop and take a look at the status of your business once in a while. We recommend doing it annually after your tax return has been completed and your fresh financial statements are available. The business health check gives you the truth based on facts. It also gives you the courses of action which need to be taken to get the most out of your business.

Financial statements - Analysis of your key performance indicators

Sales - History and forecast, Average sale, Customer base

Profitability - History, product pricing and margins, competition

Cash flow - History, analysis on payables and receivables

Investments - Profit per money invested, which should be taken and which not

Your team - Analysis on strengths and weaknesses

Strategy - Analysis on your market and your position and competence

Marketing - What do you need to get maximum visibility and best possible image