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Business Valuation Package

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Who does it and what's required?

Valuations should always be done by specialists. Having your valuation done by your accountant or financial planner is not the solution unless they have a proven track record of applying the correct valuation methods rather than wasting their clients' money and time. 

What's your business worth?

Curious what's your business worth in the future? Is it worth continuing the business or should you switch to do something more profitable? Let us calculate that for you and save you valuable time.

What's someone else's business worth?

Planning on buying someone else's business? There's quite many moving parts when valuing someone's business. If you're just relying on a valuation solely based on asset value, that's usually a big understatement especially for profitable businesses. When calculating the lifetime value of a business, the process has so many moving parts that it should be done by professionals. Let us do the hard work for you.

Is this project worth taking?

Should I invest in this project or invest the money in something more lucrative? The same methods apply to business and project valuations. Let us find the value for you.

Price if you sell your business?

Obviously you want to get the price as high as possible. You obviously need to have cold, hard data to back up your price point. Also, you need to satisfy the buyer and take their opinions and financial situation into account so that you do not price yourself out. Let us help you closing the deal for you.

Price if you buy a business?

In this case you're aiming to buy at the lowest price possible. You'll need to prove your point and take into account the seller's perspective as well to come to a deal. Let us help you with the valuation and make the purchase really worth the money.